Suki is a beautiful Bengal cat from Canada. The thing that truly makes her stand out from the crowd is her love for travel and adventure. Just take a look at these breathtaking photos from her Instagram account.

It’s easy to see why Suki has stolen the hearts of so many fans. Cat adventurers are rare; as territorial animals they normally prefer to stay in their comfort zone. Suki is just the opposite and can’t seem to get enough of travelling with her owners.

Her sparkling blue eyes have made Suki famous, although her owners have admitted to a little photoshop magic here and there.

We think we can forgive them though, their photos are so beautiful!

Suki makes the most of her trips to try out her hunting skills. Her owners have different ideas, and try to save as many of the little creatures as they can. Come on Suki, leave the poor squirrel alone!

Suki is no scaredy-cat either, she's not even afraid of water! Suki is more than happy to hop onto the little boat and follow her owners on any adventure.

When she was a kitten, Suki’s owners got her used to travelling thanks to a cat lead. Now, she’s confident enough to travel alongside them without any trouble. When she’s tired, she can hop into her special little rucksack to effortlessly enjoy the incredible view.

Would you like to go on an adventure with your cat?

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