Anna Angenend is a photographer living in Texas, US. When she decided to adopt a rescue dog for her daughter Mia, she didn’t quite expect all the hard work. Nor did she expect how rewarding it would be!

An incredible photo series

When Anna's not at work, she loves spending time with her adorable family, including the newest member, rescue dog Lucy! Anyone who has welcomed a rescue pet into their homes can relate to their struggles; helping them unlearn bad behaviours, toilet training, getting them to trust the whole family.

On her blog, the photographer recounts how difficult it was to integrate the dog into their daily lives to begin with. Especially when Lucy was so curious:

“I freaked out about 10 times during week one. Once when Lucy ate brownies off the counter, and I was worried the chocolate would kill her. Another time when I caught her getting the batteries out of our remotes. Again when I saw her swallow an entire dead bird during a walk. She was fine every single time.”

However, after a few months it seems that Lucy had changed their lives for the better. The whole family have benefited from Lucy’s adoption with cuddles, games, fantastic walks and lots of love.

Four-year-old Mia and Lucy seem like they were made for each other. Anna Angenend’s latest photo series aims to capture just that and will be ongoing as their journey continues.

We look forward to seeing more!

Photo credit: @annaangenend

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