Max, the little cat, used to enjoy frequent trips to campus, he even made his way into university accommodation and a class. That is, until he got banned from the library. Now his fun is over and he's not impressed.

Max’s adventures at Macalester College, Minnesota

Until recently, Max was an outdoor cat. He adored roaming around the local college campus, making friends and exploring all the cosiest spots.

His pet parents live right across the street from the college, meaning his daily commute wasn't too long either. When they first adopted Max, they let him roam around from time to time during the day, much to the delight of the students.

At first, he would wander the grounds, letting students pet him, exploring the area. But it soon seemed that Max wanted to see more.

From then on, he was often spotted in university buildings including: lecture theatres, dorms and, in his favourite place, the university library. It seems max enjoyed surveying the students in his new little kingdom. Unfortunately for Max, however, after a while he just wasn't welcome there anymore.

Library staff felt that, with ongoing construction work and nighttime closures, Max may find himself either locked inside or in danger. As a result, they had to ban him.

The impact of the library ban

Max's pet parents posted on instagram in an attempt to raise awareness about Max on campus. Saying:

"dear Mac students...there seems to be a problem with people letting Max into buildings on campus...please help keep him out of the buildings. We want what is best for Max and don't want him in trouble. Even if he meows please don't let him in...

Shortly after the ban, a sign was erected on the library door, and it subsequently went viral.

Despite viral social media attention including, an animation, a poem, and a mocked up library card, the library ban appears to stand. Max’s displeasure at the events has been evident to his pet parents, but they were in agreement with library staff.

However, not everyone felt the same way…

Indoor cat

Since the ban, Max has become an indoor cat. His pet parents are training him to walk on a lead, and hopefully he’ll be able to visit students around the campus again soon, this time accompanied!

There is also talk of him becoming a therapy cat for stressed students. He evidently loves it, so what a great idea!

Photos: @cool_cat_max_and_gracie


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