Sometimes it’s just difficult to take a good photo…even more so when our cats decide to step in!

Here are 10 hilarious photobombing cats

#1 - The cat who thinks he’s superman

chat volant

#2 - Smile ladies!

chat roux sourire

#3 - I’m doing it too, look!

chat noir yoga

#4 - Selfie time

chat selfie

#5 - Perfectly positioned 

chat blanc bébé

#6 - Stop the wedding!

chat voile mariée

#7 - Why does the dog get a photo and not me?

dogue de bordeaux

#8 - There goes the wedding photo

chat tigré mariage photobomb

#9 - I’ll just sneak past, no one will see

chat marche debout

#10 - Ewww kissing

chat roux langue

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