Many of us have witnessed domesticated animals first reactions to their own reflections , but what happens if you put a large mirror in the middle of  an African jungle in Gabon?

A series of videos published by French photographer Xavier Hubert-Brierre explores this idea with footage of jungle creatures seeing their own reflections for the first time.

Dating back as far as May of 2012, the "miroir en forêt" videos feature a wide range of reactions from animals all over the jungle after finding Brierre's mirror - with almost 9 million views, this video speaks for itself.

Some of the animals showed aggression at first, like the Silverback Gorilla, but the chimpanzees seemed to be more curious about their own body parts!

Brierre also captured the animals “depression” after the mirror was taken away for repairs, it appears as if the animals were addicted to their own reflections as they slept next to it and spent hours playing games.

Witness the joy when the mirror is returned :)

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