According to the scientist January Zalasiewicz, rats will weigh more than 80 pounds one day. This means they will be the size as cows; do you have goose bumps yet?

Larger Rats

This prediction was made possible by studying the evolution of rodents. The scientist from the University of Leicester in the UK said: “The animals will evolve as they have always done. At the time of the dinosaurs, rats were tiny animals. If the ecosystem is empty enough, they will have opportunity to be much larger.”

Up To 80 pounds

Therefore, Zalasiewicz predicts rats could weigh up to 80 pounds and be bigger than cows or sheep. Rats can adapt to all kinds of environments and all kinds of temperatures, it is no problem for them to reproduce!

Robust Rodents

We know that rats are robust rodents who can now be found all over the world, including islands. Once they are established, they are very difficult to get rid of. Maybe in hundreds of years there will be many breeds of rats and they might just take over the world, who knows?

Source: Glamourparis

Photo: Gelly

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