This ginger cat transformed his handicap into joy and smiles day after day!

Meet Neuro Dan, the miracle cat

Neuro Dan

This gorgeous little cat was saved from an uncommon situation. His old owners were syllogomaniacs, better known by the term "compulsive hoarders". They had adopted a large number of animals without looking after them properly and without being able to stop themselves from adopting more. The poor kitten was therefore placed in a pet sanctuary but his future did not look bright.

Misfit Critter Farm & Sanctuary, an animal rescue group, heard his story and decided to give him a new chance at life. They went to work and eventually found a home for Dan.

Since then, he hasn't stopped smiling.

 Neuro Dan

Dan had neurological problems that affected his vertebral column and neck, but that doesn't stop him loving his new life.

This adorable cat loves above all else playing with his cat-feather.

 Neuro Dan

His pet-parents give him a treatment that helps him to move about more easily. The kitten has a loving family that takes care of him and followers that regularly ask for updates on his life.

The simple pleasures of life make him the happiest of kittens despite his handicap.

 Neuro Dan

The vets had predicted that Neuro Dan would not live to more than two years old, but the brave kitten proved them wrong. Not only has he found a new home but he's made extraordinary progress with his illness.

Dan had his second birthday last May and continues to love life, a smile always on his face. He's a happy and grateful cat who lives each moment of his life to the full.

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