Jaime was 18 years old and blind in one eye when he was abandoned in a shelter by his old master. His fate was uncertain as not many families wish to adopt an old, one-eyed cat…

An abandoned, one-eyed cat

he was frightened when first arriving at the shelter. It was obvious that he didn't wish to stay there.

"He just wanted to find the comfort of a home in his later days," said the Tonis Kitten Rescue association that housed him.

When the Tonis Kitten Rescue association learned of this cat's sorry state, they posted on Facebook in the hope of finding him a family.

New places being frightening for Jaime, it was difficult to imagine him finding a new home. It was especially difficult because few families wish to adopt a one-eyed cat as old as Jamie.


Leslie saved him

Leslie Cobb saw the photo that was posted on Facebook. She immediately knew that her home was one that could give him comfort and warmth.

Leslie was not prejudiced against old cats - in fact, she had often welcomed older cats into her home. At the time, she had 8 cats at home.

"I was looking for an old cat to help. When I saw that photo of Jaime, I instantly knew that he was the cat for me," said Leslie. She immediately went to pick the cat up from the shelter.

"I renamed him Nico. He met the eight other cats of the house, the youngest of which is 4 years old." Leslie took Nico to the veterinary to get his eye operated on.

Though he was shy at first, Nico knows that he is loved. He is likely to live for many more years in the heart of his loving and caring family.

Would you have adopted Nico?

Source : lovemeow.com

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