Meg, an adorable 3-legged female dog, rescued 5 kittens and then adopted them.

This incredible story happened in Rochdale, UK.

Meg has quite an history. She has a leg amputated because children abused her and the she got rescued 6 years ago. When she first arrived at the RSCPA in 2008, Jean Spencer, the owner of the rescue centre fell in love with Meg and adopted her.

From then, Meg came with Spencer to work everyday, at the Rochdale RSCPA. But on this day of august, Meg was acting weird and kept staring at the ceiling.

Spencer knew that something was wrong and did not hesitate to take action : she dug a hole into the ceiling.

There, she discovered 5 kittens, only a few weeks old. Their mother probably took shelter up there to give birth. Jean Spencer and all the team members assumed that one of the female cat they had just rescued is the mother, because she had obviously just given birth to a litter. Unfortunately, she was not interested at all in taking care of them.

RSCPA team members have to artificially feed the kittens and Meg takes care keeping them clean by licking them very often!

Meg is a hero, she saved 5 little lives today!


photo credit : Manchester Evening News

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