Australian police have opened enquirers into a series of suspected attacks on koalas, wallabies and kangaroos.

Koala found missing its ears

The horrific incident occurred last week in Australia, and is the latest in a string of similar cases. A tourist found the animal on the road approximately 200km west of Melbourne. Police suspect the animal was first hit by a car before the ears removed. It is unknown whether the koala was alive or not at the point of mutilation. In the year 2000, Koalas were listed as threatened species. In Australia, they face problems with habitat destruction, hunting and road traffic accidents.

A string of mutilations on wallabies and kangaroos

Victoria police have confirmed that this case mirrors similar instances of attacks on other animals. Last June, a kangaroo was found dead, tied to a chair, and dressed in a leopard print shawl and cap with a bottle of alcohol placed in its paws.

It is thought that the animal was killed in a different location, before being brought to the roadside for the ‘stunt’. There were three bullet wounds found on the animal.

There are now rewards offered for the capture of the persons responsible.

Lets hope they are found quickly.

Source : Le Parisien / ABC news

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