A little miracle has happened in a petting zoo in Scottsdale, Arizona, where a geep was born!

A Geep

For those who have never heard of a geep, it is a cross between a sheep and a goat! Sheep and goats don’t match up genetically; so most of the babies are stillborn. There was a huge surprise at the petting zoo when a healthy little geep was born!


The little one was named Butterfly, because of the black patches on her coat. The hybrid animal has a goat’s face and hooves and the tail and wool of a sheep. Little Butterfly has become a sensation at the petting zoo, attracting many visitors!

Owner of the farm, Priscilla Motola, says that she had no idea the female sheep was pregnant because there are no male sheep around. A pygmy goat called, Michael, is most likely the father of the adorable geep!

Have a look at the pictures of the adorable Butterfly!


Source: nydailynews

Photos: peoplepet


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