Step aside freshly baked bread and brewed coffee, and make way for the family pet to help sell the house you've called home for so long.

Hello humans,

A little different approach to today's article - a story just for you!

So you know how you've all been kicking us out of the house when it comes time to selling your property? Well, I'm here to tell you you've been doing it wrong for years. In fact, you need us!

OK, I exaggerate. But truly though, this may interest you.

An interesting article in the UK edition of The Telegraph says that having a pet could help you sell your property. How? By creating an environment in which a potential buyer can visualise the space being lived in and be wooed by a family pet.

OK, OK - I'm not suggesting you keep us in the house when prospective buyers turn up, but the report suggests that including your pet in images of your home can create a more homely feel and attract a buyer’s interest (just make sure we don't have muddy feet!).

The trend of such approach is called 'pet placement' and is the latest addition in home-staging - preparing your house for sale.

Estate agents in the US have been increasingly using beloved animals in brochures and online ads to help attract prospective buyers. The trend is spreading globally.

However, not everyone thinks it's a good idea as there are those (I gasp!) who find us fur friends grubby or prone to leaving hairs about the place... Well, yes, we can - sometimes. But scrub us up and we'll put on our best smile just for you!

After all, who could resist the pleading eyes of a golden retriever pup begging you to buy his house, or a snuggly cat curled up in a ball on the window ledge?!

And fine, you can still bake bread and brew fresh coffee and all that - just think of us and our beautiful faces when it comes time to photographing your lovely home.

You won't regret it!

Reporting: your best friend

Have you included your pet when selling your home?

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