Keep an eye on endangered species and help to protect them from poachers from your own home with the Instant Wild app!

Motion triggered Cameras

As a part of the Instant Wild project conducted by the Zoological Society of London, satellite-connected and motion-triggered cameras were installed in the most remote parts of Africa. These cameras transmit live photos and videos of the country's wild animals. Users worldwide can access the photos and videos immediately via the accompanying Instant Wild app which was launched back in 2011. The user can identify the animals, monitor, observe and learn more about wildlife populations.

Help conservationists

By identifying the animals that have been photographed, you can play a direct role in helping conservation scientists understand and protect the wildlife. The app also features a field guide and an identification list to help users recognize and distinguish the various species that they spot. The system also sends out warnings when any illegal poaching activity occurs and immediately transmits a video of the intruders to the park rangers.

Non-invasive cameras

The cameras installed do not intrude or disrupt the natural environment or the habitat of the animals. It is as if they aren't even there, and therefore helps to snap even the most elusive animals.

Live African wildlife from your smartphone

The app gives people so much joy in being able to witness the wildlife live and up close on their smartphones in the comfort of their own homes, or wherever they are! It allows citizen scientists, wild-life enthusiasts, and conservation scientists to share this unique experience and be a part of a team to help protect the wildlife population.

The app is free, so go ahead and try it out!

Source : Mashable

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