While you are watching a dolphin show at a zoo, they seem joyful, compliant and happy to be entertaining humans but they reality is quite different! Here are five reasons why it is not a good idea to support these shows.

The Dolphins Are Compelled By Food

A dolphin can eat more than 25 pounds of fish per day. In a show when they do a trick they get one fish, which is a meagre award. A satisfied dolphin usually stops obeying orders, so the food is not that great of an award.

Wild Dolphins Live Longer

A wild dolphin can live up to 50 years where a dolphin in captivity only lives for around 25 years. Their life expectancy is shorter due to stress and skin diseases caused by the chlorine in the water.

Wild Dolphins Are Captured

Many young dolphins are captured in the wild as some dolphins have trouble reproducing in captivity. These dolphins are separated from their families and are suddenly enclosed in a small area. This causes them a lot of stress.

Watching A Show Is Believing They Are Happy

We are told that the dolphins love to do tricks for rewards and to make the audience laugh. This is in fact not true; they are wild animals who should not be kept in captivity for human entertainment. In the wild dolphins hunt for their food and swim hundreds of miles a day. Dolphins in captivity can only eat when they are fed and live in a small pool.

It is possible to see these amazing animals in their natural habitat. Wild dolphins are usually very friendly with humans and there have been many stories of them saving someone’s life or friendships forming.

Source and Photos: blog-les-dolphins

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