By now we’re sure that you are very aware of the terrible torture that has gone on at the Yulin Festival where thousands of pets are being massacred and eaten. There have been mass calls from people to end off this nightmare using the hashtag #StopYulin2015.

Whilst everyone will tell you how important it is that we make people aware of these atrocities, it’s also vital that something important is done about it, even if they seem to be small steps.

During moments like this a hero will often emerge - real pet heroes that we can celebrate. That is why we would like to introduce you to the very wonderful Yang Xiaoyun.


Xiaoyun took it upon herself to visit the festival and purchased nearly 100 young dogs, saving them from certain death. She is 65 and plans to rehome each and every single pup that she has managed to pick up.


Waiting for new families, these dogs are kept safe on her own house in Tianjin, North-East China.


The pressure that is being put on the festival is mounting as news continues to grow of an event that has little place in modern society. The Chinese Government and the city of Yulin has distance themselves from the event, claiming that it is not official.

We would like to give a giant YUMMY to Yang Xiaoyun for what she has done and we hope that more heroes like her are out there looking after all of our furry friends. We know you’re one of them too, because you’re here on YummyPets.

Remember, you can join the conversation too and help to stop this violence.


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    Ella W Ive never eaten a dog but i hear their yummy, i dont plan on eating one either tho