The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, is reported to be devastated by the loss of Willow, the last descendent of her first corgi given to her by her father as an 18th birthday present.

Willow the corgi dies

Willow, the last Pembroke Welsh corgi of the original canine dynasty belonging to Queen Elizabeth II was reported to have died on the 18th of April. She was the last of the Queen's surviving corgis and the last descendent of Susan, Her Majesty the Queen's first corgi.

Willow was 14 years old and had been suffering from a cancer-related illness.

Susan's dynasty

The Queen was gifted Susan by her father, King George VI on her 18th birthday. It has been reported that since this time, Elizabeth II's love for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi saw her own more than 30 of the breed.

Willow even became a star during the 2012 Olympics Games where she partook in a James Bond video sketch during the opening ceremony, starring alongside Mr Bond himself, Daniel Craig, and the Queen.

Although there are no more members of the original family of corgis related to Susan, Elizabeth II remains in the company of three dogs: one other Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Whisper, adopted in 2016 from the Queen's former gamemaster; and two 'dorgies' named Vulcan and Candy.

A new breed of dog, dorgies Vulcan and Candy were bred from one of the Queen's corgis and a dachshund named Pipkin belonging to her sister Princess Margaret.

Source: ABC news

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