Here is an interview of Bella, a black and white Collie. Very good at tricks, you can check her out on her Youtube Channel.

When, where, how did you meet your pet?

4 years ago one of our dogs passed away so because our other dog had always had a companion after waiting a year I decided to get another dog to keep our other dog company. Bella was the only female left of the litter and she was a little fluff ball and when I picked her up she snuggled into me and it was instant love and I knew she was the one.

Where does her name come from?

Bella's name is typically from Isabella from Twilight, but the funny thing was I was undecided on the name and Bella never crossed my mind till my mum suggested it to me. I was like Yes thats it. Although she has lots of nicknames such as Bell, Hellsbells as examples.

Tell us about a typical day with her?

A typical start to the day is usually with me waking up at a weird angle on the bed having made room for Bella, and my other dog Jenny to sleep. As soon as I show any signs of waking I sometimes either get bounced on or a toy dropped on me. Bella is a nervous dog but she loves the park and due to me trick training her this past year her confidence is growing so when I'm not at uni, I tend to like to take her out (along with my camera) where she gets to stretch her legs, play fetch and her new favourite game, frisbee. As I've mentioned before Bella is being trick trained so her day usually contains 2 sessions of that. She's then fed, but is so polite that she waits for our elder dog to finish before tucking in, such manners.


Whatʼs her silliest trait?

Bella's silliest trait, hmmm she doesn't really have one as such more she has a few cute habits like she has a perfect haughty look which she likes showing you if she's been naughty and she is always resting her head on the couch, my laptop or knee whenever she wants attention and she's perfected the puppy eyes look.

Whatʼs your best memory together ?

Best Memory - Of course I could say the day I brought her home as that's a great memory but it's got to be the first time I started trick training her and then she performed it at the park because to me that showed that I had found a way to help build up her confidence and she was feeling more confident in being able to focus on me and have fun.

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