You do not have to be rich to help animals in pet rescues and shelters! There are plenty of ways to support them for free! In this article, we will give you a few ideas to inspire you!

1. Donate your time and energy!

If you are unable to help a pet rescue or shelter financially, you can consider volunteering with them to show your support. You don't even need to be there in person to help! Did you know that there are plenty of shelters and rescues that are looking for volunteers to help them with tasks such as as managing their websites, managing their social media pages, or taking photos of the pets in their care so that they can share the photos to help them get adopted? 

2. Help feed animals through the Voice program!

Did you know that your clicks could help feed animals? One of the easiest ways that you can help animals is by "donating" your clicks to help pet associations receive 110 pounds of pet food! It's a completely free and simple way to help support pet rescues and shelters throughout the United States. Every month, four shelters in the United States are chosen to participate in the Voice click-to-donate program. So far, through the Voice program, Yummypets has helped over 160 pet associations in the United States and France feed the pets in their care!

All you have to do is click daily on the "Click to give" button under the pet associations that you want to support! If they reach their click goal by the end of the month, Yummypets sends them 110 pounds of pet food! Isn't that a great way to help make a difference in an animal's life? Here is a photo of a pet food donation that was made to Greener Days Ahead Rescue!

Photo credit: Greener Days Ahead Rescue

3. Become a foster family for a pet!

Unfortunately, many pet shelters and rescues are full or do not have enough room to welcome in more pets. If you want to be able to help, you can consider fostering a pet. It's a great way to spend time with animals, all while helping a pet association in need.

4. Share the social media posts of pet rescues and shelters on your profile!

It only takes a few seconds! By sharing photos of animals up for adoption or sharing awareness campaigns posted by pet rescues and shelters on your social media profile, you are helping spread the word about shelter animals! 

5. Empty your cupboards!

Do you have old clothes lying around unused? Do you have items that you no longer use but would greatly benefit someone else's life? To help raise money for pet associations, you can sell your old clothes and belongings. For example, you can set up a garage sale or sell your belongings online so that you can help animals in need. 

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