It is too often overlooked, but learning how to socialize a puppy is crucial. This is so that your dog feels safe and calm around humans.

Socialize a puppy for their safety

From birth to their fifth week of life, the puppy learns good social behavior within their own species (major role of the mother). From the sixth week, they begin to develop social attachment to human beings (importance of the breeder). Your puppy will be sold at 8 weeks, so you should take over the mother and the breeder’s work and continue to socialize them.

Socialize a puppy safely

Before the booster vaccination (at 12 weeks), it is recommended by veterinarians to keep the animal at home to avoid diseases. However, this is a period during which the dog must encounter as many different situations as possible. Meeting lots of different people (children, men, women, small, large), hearing different sounds, meeting other pets...

It is very important for your puppy to regularly continue to be with others of their kind. This will prevent the risk of developing a growing urge to rush to see all the dogs they meet.

If certain situations are stressful for your dog, act gradually, with patience and gentleness. Do not force them, use persuasion (treats, encouragements...), show them a good example and stay confident.

Photo credit : Yummypets

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