The Australian Shepherd brims with energy and love! This breed is a champion of agility and is a friend to children.

Here are 10 things you didn't know about the Australian Shepherd:

The origins of the Australian Shepherd

#1 Despite the name, the breed doesn’t originate from Australia, but from the Basque region.

#2 Basque shepherds first migrated with their dogs to Australia, then to the US where the race was developed.

#3 The breed’s popularity in the US comes from rodeo shows, equestrian competitions and participation in popular films.

berger australien

The physical characteristics of the Australian Shepherd

#4Their ears are high up on the head and fold forward when concentrating.

#5Their fur protects them from the cold and also the heat.

#6The coat can be blue merle, red, black, or red merle with fawn or white patches.

berger australien

The Australian Shepherd's personality

#7They have innumerable qualities: obedient, attached, intelligent, affectionate, easy-going...

#8But this dog breed is also known for being greedy! They will do anything for a treat.

#9If you take the time to take care of them, you can develop a very strong connection with this dog breed.

#10The Australian Shepherd can adapt to family life, but you should take this breed for walks often so that they can unwind.

berger australien

For more information on this breed, check out our article on the Australian Shepherd.

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