According to the dictionary, the collective noun is a word which refers to a group of things taken as a whole. From an early age at school, we learn the collective names for animals, and they seem very normal to us.

We use them in everyday conversations to speak about the animals all around us. We all know a herd of cows or a school of fish.

There are times, however, when we aren’t quite sure what a certain group of animals is called. In this article we will have a look at some very bizarre animal group names most of us have never heard of!


The Huffington Post has posted these very strange group names;

  • Apes- a Shrewdness
  • Barracudas- a Battery
  • Deer- a Mob
  • Bears- a Sleuth 
  • Magpies- a Murder
  • Cats- a Clowder
  • Cockroaches- an Intrusion 
  • Geese- a Gaggle
  • Hyenas- a Cackle 
  • Owls- a Parliament 

Of course there are many more as reported on Mother Nature Network;

  • Bats- a Cauldron 
  • Elk- a Gang 
  • Giraffes- a Tower
  • Jaguars- a Shadow 
  • Otters- a Romp
  • Porcupines- a Prickle 
  • Doves- a Dule
  • Frogs- an Army 

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