We sometimes forget about the tiny animals and insects that might need our help. But one pet is showing us how it’s done.

Meet Holliday, the 2-year-old rescue puppy who has made it her mission to save stranded earthworms from an unpleasant death.

Holliday’s learns how to save worms

Caitlyn Beebe, Holliday’s owner, reduced Holliday as a puppy and it would seem that she is able to pay it forward with her kind gestures.

When Holliday was a younger, she would go for walks with Caitlyn and her mother. This is when Holliday first saw Caitlyn’s mother saving the poor defenceless creatures, something that didn’t go unmissed by the dog.

Clearly paying close attention to not injure the tiny creatures, Holliday now repeats the behaviour whenever she sees an earthworm in need.

One dog’s kindness

It would seem unbelievable to some, but thankfully Caityln was able to capture the remarkable behaviour on video and it’s taken the internet by storm.

The surprising actions of one dog have had many reflecting on their own behaviour. "It reminds me that you should love and care for everyone," Beebe tells the dodo, "Even if they are different from you.”

Source: the dodo

Photo credit: @hollidaytherescue

Does your dog show surprising kindness towards others?

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