A bar in Belgium is stirring up controversy by entertaining its clients with wild animals kept in cages at a circus themed party.

The Bar 

A trendy bar in Waterloo, Belgium, called “Le Stamp” was celebrating its 8th birthday and organised a big party for the clients. They chose a circus theme, wanting to surprise their guests. And it was indeed surprising!

Several of the guests noticed wild animals in cages all over the bar. There were monkeys on leashes and even lions.

“When I entered the place, I noticed a lion sitting in a cage on the left. There were bright lights all around the cage and the music was very loud. It wasn’t a place for an animal,” explains Vanessa.

She continues to describe the party: “There was a lion, and also two snakes. It was cold outside so they had to bring them in. Then, I noticed a little monkey sitting on a stool. People were waiting to take pictures with it,” said Vanessa.

Unhappy Guests 

Along with Vanessa, several of the guests were unhappy to see the animals in such a noisy, smoky place. The owners have since then apologised on their Facebook page, but they are still being sued by the animal protection organisation, Gaia.

Source: La Libre

Photo: Pixabay

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