It’s summer and time for holidays! If you are lucky you will be catching your plane to a paradise island somewhere, or if you are really lucky, you already live there! In the last few months, you must have heard of a few shark attacks.

Is this animal doing a remake of “Jaws”? 

It is mainly the Bull shark, also known as the Zambezi shark, which attacks bathers. This shark can reach 3.5 m in length and live up to 32 years. Its name perfectly describes its massive and stocky figure, its short and flat head. This shark is an endangered species because of over-fishing. It is hunted for it’s meat, skin and liver.

Bull Shark's Habits

The Bull shark feeds mainly on aquatic animals such as turtles, fish, small sharks, birds and squid. It lives in warm and tropical seas, found off the coasts of East, West and South Africa, the Red Sea, Asia and Central America. It sometimes also swims into the rivers such as the Amazon, the Mississippi, the Win or the Tiger.

Contrary to what one might think, these attacks are not very frequent, although very aggressive and even without being provoked when they do happen. There have been attacks in Brazil, Australia and Reunion Island. There have been reports in South Africa as well, but these are usually Great White sharks who are responsible.

If you are going on holiday where there might be sharks, don’t forget to ask for some security tips!

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