Introducing Pablo! When I saw this sweet kitty who had really beautiful photos, I knew I had to interview him! Here it is!

When, where, how did you meet your pet?

I met my pet in June last year when he was 8 weeks old. I took Pablo home out of the other litter of kittens that our friend owned.

Where does his name come from?

I don't know really I just really liked the name Pablo and it seems to suit him well.

Tell us about a typical day with him ?

A typical day with Pablo usually starts with him scratching on the kitchen door to be fed and meows and meows till he is. Then he goes hyperactive for ages, then sleeps for most of the day. In the evening he'll come lay on our laps and give us a cuddle every night.

Whatʼs his silliest trait?

His silliest trait is him pooing in places where he shouldn't, like the house!

Whatʼs your best memory together ?

There are so many great ones. I've lost count. Probably the day I brought him home :D

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