Falling in Love

Angela and Ian Szczypka from Essex in the UK went to India in December 2014 for a holiday. They never expected to fall in love with a disabled dog, and to take Indy home with them.

Le couple et son bébé avec le chien handicapé qu'ils ont adopté en inde


Indy, who is 18 months old now, got into a fight with another dog when she was a puppy and now cannot use her back legs. To move around she has to drag her legs behind her. The couple were volunteering at a center while in India and fell in love with Indy. They went back to the center every day and decided to adopt her.

"Coming from England we'd never seen a dog in a state like that before. There were trails of blood where she was dragging her legs along the concrete, and flies were following her around," said Angela.

Over the course of their holiday the couple developed a relationship with Indy. The dog got to know them too and her personality started to come through. They decided to adopt her and to take her back to their small home in the UK.

Indie, le chien handicapé avec ses roulettes


It took 9 months to get Indy to the UK. She went to a daycare center which cost £3 a day. The couple was very happy to pick her up from the airport, and the best part was that she recognized them! She gets on well with the couple's other pets and is very easygoing.

Indy had a special wheelchair made for her by a man in Kent for £300. She runs around a lot and is very comfortable in it! The couple have made a Go Fund Me page to raise funds so that Indy can see a supervet, who could help her.

So far, £100 has been raised and the couple are grateful to the kind people out there! We are happy that Indy has found a loving home.

Source: Daily Mail

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