In Brighton, Sussex, a cat decided to give his owner rather strange presents.

Original presents

When cats like to bring back presents to their owners, they will usually bring back things like mice, voles or even birds. For Basil, he however preferred to be original and even started to become quite popular because of it.

Basil, who is three years of age, loves to bring back knickers and other pieces of underwear to his owner Jane!

This love of his started around a year ago, when Basil left a little glove in front of his owner's front door. Jane, not at all interested, placed the glove inside a cupboard. Wanting to please his owner, Basil then started to look for the next present and came back with a pair of knickers. Seeing her cat carrying a pair of some other woman's underwear, Jane couldn't help but laugh. Basil was very proud of himself, and continued to regularly bring back people's underwear.

Finding the owners

Seeing as nearly every day Jane would receive either a pair of boxers or a pair of knickers that Basil had left on her bed, she decided to create a local Facebook group in order to find all of the rightful owners of the underwear. And it worked! People recognised their underwear and contacted Jane. Some neighbours told Jane that Basil also liked to spy on people through their windows. It turns out that Basil actually has a sidekick called Dave. Despite being discovered, the two accomplices continue their mischievous plan each week.

Has your cat ever brought back an unusual gift?

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