Some cat owners are facing a big problem: their cat is lazy! You can buy them all the toys imaginable, but they won't play with them because all they want to do is sleep!

Here is a small DIY to create a nice toy for your kitty. For those with a chubby cat who is not too active, put Catnip mixed with foam inside!

DIY : des jouets attrayants pour minou

What you need:

- Assorted fabrics (such as wool jackets, cotton shirts, corduroy and velveteen)
- Iron
- Sewing machine and sewing utensils
- Foam
- Sewing thread
- Sewing needle

1 - Cut the bottom piece (about 10cm long and 5cm wide) and a side portion of the same or another fabric and cut another piece aside. For the tail, cut a rectangle of 15 to 20 cm long and 1.5 cm wide. For the ears, cut half circles of 1.5 cm.

diy yummypets

2 - Fold the tail in half lengthwise and sew, leaving the open ends. Do the same with the body of the mouse, leaving 2cm at least open to put the foam and / or Catnip then sew the tail of the mouse there.

diy yummypets 1

diy yummypets 1

3 - Fold ears in half and sew them. To make the eyes and nose, embroider some points with black thread.

diy yummypets 4

Other shape ideas:




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