Hello friends, finally, what you've all been waiting for! Here is Leo, the Yummypets founder, interview!

I was born in March 2007 - nobody knows my exact date of birth, so it was scheduled on March 28. Nobody knows where I come from (except me ^^). I was found injured along the Garonne, and brought to a veterinary clinic. I stayed there for a year, to be taken care of, and I became a fellow of over 6kg! At the age of 16 months, my owner, who was in the clinic, literally fell in love with me, it makes sense when you see my superstar face! For a cat who had no family, we can say that I quickly caught up with the Yummypets adventure!

Whose idea was it to create Yummypets? Why create such a site?

This question made ​​my whiskers wriggle. I am responsible for the concept! But since I don't have thumbs, I quickly called my owner to help me. For my part, I think, and my owner and his team brings my ideas to life. I'm a cat avid of new technology, both Web and mobile. My first intention was to create a services platform for owners to optimize the human / animal relationship. We do not have the same view of the world, we do not live the same things, but love always brings us together. I just wanted to provide people with a qualitative community to improve our exchanges.

léo yummypets

Did you expect such a success?

Actually no! When the site came out, it quickly found its audience. From the very first month, 650 people joined us every day on the network. I received hundreds of emails a day to improve the community... Let me tell you that I am a busy cat! At first there was not much, just sharing photos and videos. A year later, we transformed Yummypets, from a simple exchange site to the first animal platform in France. And the project is growing! Today, 1 in 5 users are not French. The most active countries today are Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and the UK.

How many people work for you?

Today my team consists of more than 20 employees, all focused on improving the Yummypets platform! It is thanks to them that the platform is now available on smartphones and tablets, we are developing classifieds ads, lost / found pet alerts and price comparison. And all the features you asked me for, instant Chat, mail or forum!

Rencontre avec Léo, fondateur de Yummypets ;-)

What are the main problems you encounter?

On the emotional level, I get a lot of emails from the community and even gifts that affect me greatly. On this point, I'm really a lucky cat. If I had to identify a major problem, it would probably be the increasing difficulty in meeting the expectations of all of our members. You are now more than 130,000 on the platform, and it is not always easy to resolve all problems quickly or even read all your suggestions for improvements. So, some are mad at me ... and it is not always easy for me. But it is also growing fast! Anyway, I'm sure Yummypets lives only through its members! That's why I'll always be alert to your comments. Trust me!

Will you start a diet?

I was afraid of this question... I'm already on a diet, despite appearances. This is my body type, I cannot be much thinner :) And you know what they say, "the ladies like tummies"! :D

What's your silliest trait?

I'm really a cool cat. I do not do a lot of nonsense. Well, I must admit that I have a tendency to climb on my masters early in the morning... a bit like the cat in this video:

You've probably noticed but I'm a glutton cat! So, without being silly, it is true that I can be a bit pushy when I ask for my kibble or to drink from the tap!

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