Have you ever seen an animal and thought it required a more creative name? Well, these people certainly did and decided to they had to be renamed. Introducing the floaty potato, wizard cow and more...

Some things, including animals, just happen to resemble other things in life. And when that happens, there's nothing better to do than get creative with renaming.

What do you think of these "new" animals? Can you think of any yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Wizard Cow 2. Stab Rabbit 3. Furry Potato 4. Danger Zebra 5. Majestic Sea Flap Flap 6. Naked Snail 7. Nope Rope 8.Danger Log 9. Trash Panda 10. Dragon Shrimp 11. Forest Corgi 12. Pantless Thundergoose 13. Hot Moose 14. Floppy floppy Sea Spider 15. Floaty Potato 16. Danger Noodle 17. Booplesnoot 18. Sadeyes Von Gimmefood 19. Winter Tree Dog 20. Velocirabbit 21. Beach Chicken

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    Madison W omg lol got me sayin leh riculous as hell