In Karnataka, India, a bus driver has been suspended after letting a monkey "drive" the bus, with himself and around 30 other passengers on board.

A monkey with a licence?

It seems that the passengers on board didn't complain about the monkey "taking over the wheel". The video shows the monkey, who seems to be very relaxed, sitting on top of the steering wheel appearing to be driving the bus. The video went viral, and so, the bus driver's employers took action.

It was said that the safety of the passengers could not be put at risk by allowing a monkey to sit on the steering wheel. However, the public seems to love this little video and it doesn't look like they agree with the bus driver's employers. They say he should just be given a warning, and not be suspended.

Apparently, the monkey boarded the bus with another passenger and wanted to sit up front. The driver, Mr Prakash, didn't seem too bothered in the video, as he continued to drive with the monkey perched quite contently on the steering wheel. You can actually see Mr Prakash's hand on the wheel the whole time.

The monkey eventually arrived at his destination and nobody (including the monkey) were harmed.

Do you think it was necessary to suspend the bus driver?

Photo used for illustration purposes only.

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