A new, low act of animal cruelty... An unknown assailant attacks dogs with acid in the small Hautes-Pyrénées village of Horgues, France.

Dogs sprayed with acid in the village of Horgues

Horgues, a small village of 1,200 inhabitants located in the tranquil Hautes-Pyrénées in France, has been traumatised by recent events involving acid attacks on dogs.

The Mayor of the local town hall this week shared a statement explaining that several dogs had recently been sprayed with acid or a corrosive product. These statements were supported by a certified vet statement.

The Mayor has taken the matter to the local police to insist on finding the individual responsible, believed to be a lone attacker. The Mayor has also encouraged the owners of any dog victims to do the same.

Some of the dogs were seriously injured, with one nearly losing an eye.

In France, animal abuse is punishable by a fine of 30,000 euros and two years imprisonment.

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