We are used to our cats looking for attention at the most inappropriate times; is it possible to get used to them taking over our beds, every night? For cats, there is nothing better than having a massive bed to sleep on and when they feel like it, a cuddle with their humans!

Catsass came up with the top 10 most annoying but very true sleeping positions that cats love, in very accurate drawings. How many of these can you relate to?

1. The Creep:

Your cat lies on top of you, staring at you the whole time. Do they never sleep?


2. The Who’s-da-boss:

Your cat takes over the pillow area and you have to find another place to put your head!


3. The Jet-Lag:

Your cat sits on the bed, continuously meowing, the whole night long. Again, do they never sleep?


4. The Marriage Counsellor:

Your cat stretches out between you and your partner.


5. The Asphyxia:

Your cat settles down on top of your face, literally.


6. The Present:

Your cat is fast asleep and as you move you touch something weird on the bed. It’s a present from your cat in the form of a dead mouse! Surprise!


7. The Octopus:

Your cat spreads out on the middle of the bed, while you only get a small section on the side.


8. The Paralysis:

Your cat stretches out over your legs and refuses to move. You remain uncomfortable the whole night long.


9. The Minefield:

After spending all day in your bed, your cat has left presents, socks, toys and maybe some food too.


10. The Who’s-da-super-boss:

This one is the ultimate; your cat takes over the whole bed and you have to sleep on the floor!


Source: Bored Panda & catsass.me

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    YummyOrNot Y Wow this is REALLY funny lol 😸