A French man has died as a result of a dog attack in his own home.

Attacked by his own dogs

The 66-year-old man was having dinner with his wife when he was attacked by his two Border Collies. He then died at his home in the French county of Pyrénées-Orientales, which lies close to the Spanish border.

His wife, who was unharmed, alerted the emergency services. They were unable to revive the man. A medic who attended the scene was also bitten by one of the dogs, and rushed to seek treatment immediately.

The dogs placed in secure kennels

The context of the attacks is not yet known, and so locals can only speculate about what brought on the aggressive behaviour. Both dogs have been temporarily placed in secure kennels.

Border collies are traditionally used as sheepdogs, displaying intelligent, alert behaviour. They are widely considered to be good pets and do not often display such aggressive tendencies.

A veterinarian will soon carry out an evaluation of each dog to determine whether or not they should be euthanised.

Photo for illustrative purposes.

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