Animals' senses can save lives; and in the case of this amazing story, it is definitely true!


Angie Costello was looking after her daughter, Chiara’s house while she was on holiday. Chiara owns Ted, a beautiful Persian cat who her mom was watching too.

The Fire

Angie was fast asleep one morning when Ted jumped on her and started meowing loudly. When she woke up the room was filled with black smoke, and she realised she was in danger. Angie managed to get out of the house and phoned the firefighters.

If it wasn’t for her daughter’s cat, Angie might have lost her life in the fire! She is very grateful to him!

 “I owe my life to the cat. Chiara only got him three weeks ago and he’s already saved her mum’s life. He ran off after the fire but we found him a few hours later. He’s a hero,” said Angie.

Ted saves the day!


Photo: Vadim Ghirda

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