Have you made the decision to welcome a new furry member to your family? Are you nervous about bringing your new furry friend up well? Well, don't stress - here is everything you need to know to make sure your that your new pup feels at home!

1. Don't buy your pet from a puppy mill

 Many pets are waiting in shelters to find a nice loving family, do not forget to consider that option!

Do not get a puppy before it's has reached the age of 8 weeks old as it should be raised with its mother and siblings. They learn important social interaction at this age, and their mothers will teach them to be clean.

2. Set your pup up for success!

Puppy-proof your home: don't forget that pups love to chew on anything they find! Crates will keep your puppy safe when they are alone, and gates will keep them away from danger zones!

3. Do not use your puppy's name in a negative way

Only use a pup's name in a positive context.

Do not use a pup's name when:

  • You want to give them a bath
  • They are in trouble
  • You want to put them in their kennel.

4. Avoid inappropriate toys, but more toys = smarter dog

So no shoes nor slippers, toys that are made for humans or rope toys.
Choose squeaking toys, bones, jolly balls or bully sticks.

Warning : Toys that are too hard can break their teeth.

9 conseils pour apprendre à son chiot la propreté

5. Don't let a pup potty train indoors.

Your pet must be trained to go outdoors.

Rule of thumb for outdoor potty breaks:
The puppy's age in months plus one hour
ex: 2 months old = 3 hours

6. Neglecting physical contact with your pet

Help your pup get used to being petted every day. The experience must be pleasurable and rewarding.

7. Don't wait to correct a bad behavior

Pets' habits are easily formed and hard to break, so the sooner you deal with a bad habit, the easier it will be to do!

8. Don't use a flex-leash for training, start slow with a consistently sized, short leash.

 Your puppy needs to get used to the fact that they should stay be your side during walks - you are the one in charge! A flex-leash is too much freedom for a puppy learning the ropes so start with a short leash that will keep them safe and stop them running off when they are older.

9. Don't let your pup run away

Teach them to "come".

Play hide & seek, calling them, rewarding them with treats.

10. Prevent aggression with visitors, socialize the pup first.

Leash your pet inside. Ask your visitor to give them a treat.

11. Don't let your pup jump on people.

Reward them when they stay all four paws on the floor. To prevent jumping on visitors make them lay down to be petted.

chiot welpe puppy english cocker spaniel 02

12. Prevent aggression with strangers

 Socialize early, start with small places and continue with more crowded places.

13. Prevent aggression with other pets

Socialize with familiar dogs first. Always control interaction with new dogs.

14. Prevent traumatic experiences

Do not take your puppy to busy public places, and keep them inside during Halloween or fireworks.

15. Prevent your puppy from developing disobedient behavior by remember to reward their good behavior

Find a great puppy training graphic here!

We hope that these tips help!

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