This story proves the amazing friendship that pets can have for each other, even in difficult moments. This dog spent two days protecting his friend who couldn't move.

A dog stuck in the cold

A man named Denis Malafeev posted a photo of two dogs on Facebook that had been found on traintracks near a station not far from the city of Uzhgorod.

One of the two dogs seemed to have been injured by a train and could not from move from where he was lying. The other dog tried to help and protect his injured friend, and this the two dogs stayed for two days in the freezing temperatures.

"He stayed there for two days trying to protect his friend from danger! I don't know how to call it - instinct, love, friendship or just attachment. I only know one thing: there are few humans who would be capable of this. We should all take example!" explained Denis.

Since their adventure, the two dogs named Panda and Lucy, have been adopted.

Take a look at the video below:

A touching story with a happy ending!

Source : we love animals

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