Just to name a few, ostriches are considered sacred in Egypt, cats in Japan, and cows in India. In this article, we will take a look at 10 different animals that are highly regarded around the world. Do you think you know any of them?



Ostriches definitely command respect in Egypt. In addition to having ridiculously long necks and being the biggest bird in the world, Egyptian people offer feathers of these birds to their deities such as Ma'at, an Egyptian deity who is believed to embody justice and truth. It's easy to see why this creature is regarded as sacred in Egypt.



Did you know that cows were seen as very sacred creatures in India? In India, cow are regarded so highly that when these creatures are walking on roads, cows have priority over cars. Sometimes, this can create huge traffic jams. Additionally, cow are considered a symbol of fertility. Some even believe that cow dung and urine can purify a person. These are just a few reasons why cows are respected in India and why it is forbidden to kill or eat them.



In Japan, there tons of cats! In fact, some islands in Japan are called "cat islands" because they are populated with such a large number of cats. In addition to being plentiful in this country, they are also considered to be sacred. For instance, they are believed to keep away evil spirits and protect children. In addition, Maneki-neko, the Japanese porcelain cat that moves its paw up and down, is believed to bring great things such as luck and money.



In many countries, tortoises are associated with old age. They are also associated with slowness. People in Vietnam, on the other hand, do not see tortoises in this way. These creatures are sacred because of they are associated with longevity and wiscdom. Furthermore, some believe that the shell of the tortoise represent the milky way , thus representing a sort of bridge between the sky and the earth.



Did you know that in Ghana, monkeys are seen as equals to humans? For example, in the village of Tafi Atome, monkeys live freely among humans. They are allowed to come and go as they please.


dog in nepal

In some places around the world, dogs are seen as man's best friend. That being said, for people in Nepal, dogs are considered to be so much more. An annual festival is even dedicated to dogs. It is called Kukur Tihar. During this festival, people worship dogs. They celebrate the relationship between humans and dogs and thank them for their unmatched loyalty.



In some countries, rats are seen as pests. This is not the case in Rajasthan, a state in northern India, where they are considered to be sacred creatures. This is because they are believed to be a reincarnation of the children of the Charans caste. In honor of rats, a temple called Karni Mata temple has even been built, where there are nearly 20,000 rats living freely and enjoying offerings from citizens and tourists.



In the town of Bazoulé, in Burkina Faso, a crocodile is believed to have saved the life of a Burkinabe ancestors. This ancestor decided to protect crocodiles from that day forward. This promise is still being kept to this day.

Royal pythons

Royal python

It is believed that royal pythons protected and saved the life of an ancient king of Benin. For this reason, royal pythons are considered sacred in this part of the world. A temple has even been dedicated to these creatures. You can find this temple in the city, Ouidah, which is located in Benin.



Just are dogs are considered to be man's best friend in some parts of the world, the people of Thailand love elephants. Elephants are highly respected in Thailand and are seen as symbols of luck and fortune. In addition, the legs of the elephants can also are even believed to represent married couples.

Did you know that these animals were sacred? Do any of these surprise you?

Originally written by Salomée Vidal (Yummypets) and translated by Jennifer Eubank (Yummypets)

Source: Coachme.fr and Topito.com.

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