There was a surprise for customs in Cambodia when they made the discovery of three tons of ivory that was concealed in a container full of beans.

Ivory Demand

The ivory trade is increasing every year mainly due to a strong demand from Asian countries. Ivory is mainly used for the manufacture of decorative objects. It is also very expensive and is said that the ivory trade is an estimated at $10 billion per year.

The Discovery

Cambodian customs made their largest ever haul of elephant tusks after the container was scanned in the port of Sihanoukville. They confiscated the three tons of tusks and authorities are investigating the case.

They declined to say where the container came from or where it was going to. Media have however speculated that the container was heading to Malaysia. Unfortunately Cambodia is becoming the usual transit route for African smugglers to sell in Asian countries like Vietnam and China.

The poaching of elephants in Africa is fuelling the ivory demand, providing more and more even though it is illegal. The only way to stop this is to protect the elephants left in the wild and not allow them to be poached!

Source: AFP & The Guardian

Photo: Pixabay

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