Today, discover a beautiful story between man and animal that has touched the Internet.

A new fundraising campaign was launched to provide a happy ending to a man and his guide dog.
Tuesday, December 17 , Orlando guide dog jumped on the subway tracks to save his owner, Williams, from death.

Williams started to feel bad when waiting for his train, and Orlando did everything to keep his owner from falling onto the subway tracks. But when his owner fell, the dog also jumped on the rails and tried to pull him out of the way of the train.

The witnesses of the scene said Orlando refused to move, even when the train was in sight.

Fortunately, Williams and Orlando managed to get away by  lying in the center of the rails, while the train passed above them.

But at almost 11 years old, Orlando is close to retirement for a guide dog - Williams will be forced to put Orlando up for adoption because his insurance refuses to cover the costs for a "retired" guide dog.

In an interview, Williams said with emotion that Orlando has saved his life and is his best friend, and that if he had the money he would keep him.

After hearing this moving story, Grant Kirsh, a good Samaritan, has launched a campaign to "help Williams keep his best friend and savior." The campaign must raise $ 50,000 to make it possible.


Today, Williams announced to the press that the sum had been collected and that he and Orlando would continue their adventures together. He adds, "All the people that contributed or donated, I think we should take our hat off to them. There are still good people in this world."

Touching , isn't it?
Image: AP Photo / John Minchillo

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