Hello Humans!

Most of the kennels I've seen are made of a few planks of wood and nails. But today, I discovered that Wellington, a two-year-old St Bernard, is living it up in his very own brick-built house with carpets, working lights and insulated walls.


No, no, I am not jealous since my owners allow me to sleep on the couch - well they didn't really have the choice in fact.

The owner spent a 84 hours creating the 6.5ft tall, one third replica of his own three-bedroom detached house in Swadlincote, Derbyshire.

He transformed half of his back garden to accommodate Wellington's kennel, which also boasts glossed skirting boards and a slate roof.

Wondering how much it cost? About £1,850 but the owner was awarded a £1,000 prize in a national competition to find Britain's grandest dog home.

So are your more classic kennel, giant dog house, or sleeping on the couch?

The dog reporter,

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