We are not the only ones to lose our hair.

Because of illness or old age, animals can also loose their hair and become totally bald!

Discover our compilation of totally hairless animals! I think they are as cute as hairy animals. What do you think?

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blog_yummypets_animaux_sans_poils_1_06_14 blog_yummypets_animaux_sans_poils_2_06_14 blog_yummypets_animaux_sans_poils_3_06_14 blog_yummypets_animaux_sans_poils_4_06_14 blog_yummypets_animaux_sans_poils_5_06_14 blog_yummypets_animaux_sans_poils_6_06_14 blog_yummypets_animaux_sans_poils_7_06_14 blog_yummypets_animaux_sans_poils_8_06_14 blog_yummypets_animaux_sans_poils_9_06_14 blog_yummypets_animaux_sans_poils_10_06_14 blog_yummypets_animaux_sans_poils_11_06_14 blog_yummypets_animaux_sans_poils_12_06_14 blog_yummypets_animaux_sans_poils_13_06_14

Source et crédit photo(s) : Bored Panda

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