Asger Juhl, a 24/ 7 radio presenter in Denmark, killed a baby rabbit live on air to provoke listeners.

A Different Show

Listeners were in for a surprise when they tuned into Juhl’s show on a Monday. The radio DJ was hosting a debate about the wellbeing of animals in Denmark. He pointed out that animal campaigners were hypocrites if they bought their meat from supermarkets.

The debate took an unexpected turn when Alan, the nine-week-old bunny, was hit over the head with a bicycle pump three times. Juhl then took the rabbit home, skinned him, and made rabbit ragout with his family for dinner!

Proving a Point

Producers said that the rabbit was killed the correct way with a fast and painful death. They expected strong reactions from the listeners but their goal was to start a debate about the hypocrisy when it comes to animal cruelty. They believe that it was not an empty goading as the presenters of the show actually ate the animal they killed.

Enraged Public

Since the incident there has been uproar on social media. Many people think Juhl should be fired and that the radio station should be boycotted. Animal activists think less drastic actions could have been taken to prove their point.

What is your opinion on Asger Juhl’s controversial actions?


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    YummyOrNot Y Poor bunny! That was really messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!