During the horrific California wildfires, people had no choice but to abandon their homes, even with no time to rescue their beloved animals. This story just proves how loyal our animals can be.

Dog survives California wildfires

On the 8th of November, Andrea Gaylord had no choice but to leave her home, and her animals, while the awful fire broke out and destroyed their town. She was extremely worried about her dogs, but had a feeling that they had survived.

One of her dogs, Miguel, was found and taken to a shelter 85 miles away. She contacted the animal rescue in the hopes to see if her other dog, Madison (Miguel's brotherwas maybe waiting at their home. Sure enough, he was spotted by the rescuer that responded to her call seven days later.

When the animal rescuer, Shayla Sullivan saw Madison, she said that he was apprehensive and kept his distance. She left food and water for him regularly until Ms Gaylord was able to return.

Reunited after the California wildfires

When Andrea was able to return to her home, she brought Miguel back with her and they were both reunited with Madison and of course gave him his favourite treat - a box of Wheat thin crackers.

What a brave and loyal dog!

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