It's important to choose the placement of your fish tank carefully. If you are planning on adopting some fish, read on for some helpful advice!

The placement of a fish tank not only has an impact on the well-being of the fish inside, but also on you when it comes to maintaining it. In this article, we will go over a few different aspects to take into account.

Find a calm area of the house

Fish tanks should be placed in calm areas. It's best to avoid areas of the house where people walk by frequently. This is because disturbances such as vibrations from the ground can cause the fish inside to panic.

Leave some space between the wall and fish tank

We don't recommend placing your fish tank directly against a wall. Leaving some space behind the fish tank allows you to have enough room for the light and water pump cables. However, it's important for the tank to be close enough to an electrical outlet. For security reasons, we suggest staying away from extension cords and power strips.

In addition, if the cover is attached with hinges, there needs to be enough room behind the fish tank to open it up completely.

Another reason why it's important to leave some space behind the fish tank is unintentional splashes. Cleaning the fish tank could sometimes cause water to splash on the wall or on the ground. While there's nothing to worry about with tile floors, hardwood floors and carpet should be protected. Some plastic film covered with mops or terrycloth could save a lot of trouble.

Avoid direct sunlight

Even when it isn't hot outside outside, direct sunlight cause the temperature of the fish tank to rise. When it gets to hot, it could boost algae growth, and disturb the plants that are already present in the aquarium.

Therefore, we recommend placing your fish tank in the shade. This prevents any risks and makes your fish tank easier to clean.

Provide the ideal temperature

It is recommended to place your fish tank in a room that doesn't get any hotter than 20°C (≈ 68°F).


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