New Zealand’s new Prime Minister faced a loss last week after the death of her beloved cat, Paddles.

An internet sensation

Reports confirmed that Jacinda Arden’s cat was hit by a car in Aukland. Paddles was loved by fans worldwide, with thousands following the little feline on social media.

The little cat was taken to the vet following the accident, who later pronounced Paddles dead. The Prime Minister has reportedly said that fans who wish to give a codolensce gift can donate to the SPCA, a rescue organisation in New Zealand, from whom the Ms Ardern adopted the cat.

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A rescue cat who will be sorely missed

The Prime Minister’s partner spoke recently about Paddles online. It would seem the feline almost caused a catastrophe while the new Prime Minister was on the phone to Donald Trump as she "came flying through the cat-flap" and "began announcing her very squawky arrival”.

Fans paid their respects to Paddles on twitter in a series of tweets. We have collected some below in tribute.

Source: The BBC

Image: @FirstCatofNZ

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