My animal friends have more than one string to their bow to attract the eye of their beloved.

Animals also redouble their ingenuity and various techniques of courtship to attract their dear one. Here are a few of their techniques.

The dove: a smooth flirt

They are called "love birds" for a reason. Indeed, these animals spend most of their time cuddling, flying in pairs and cooing all year long except in winter.


Aquatic bug: the least discreet

To seduce his one and only, the male aquatic bug does not beat around the bush: he rubs his penis against his abdomen triggering a noise that is 99 decibels, equivalent to the noise of a trimmer.

Sahara Gerbil: the marathon

The Sahara Gerbil is a North African rodent capable of mating 224 times in two hours. Let me tell you that this little animal is not lazy...


The sea slug: the most unusual

This slug, also called Chromodoris reticulata, is a hermaphrodite slug who loses his penis once sexual intercourse finished. Yes you've read correctly, this strange slug sheds off his sexual organ after copulation. 24 hours later, a "juvenile penis" appears replacing the former appendix.

Marsupial from Australia: the most deadly

This kind of mouse  from Australia reproduces with so much enthusiasm that he literally kill itself out of exhaustion. After it coupled with several females, the marsupial, fights with other males or starves, forgetting to eat. This marsupial is too stressed!


Barnacles: the highest prize

This crustacean, just the sea slug, is a hermaphrodite. But it still has a penis forty times bigger than himself. This trick allows him to reproduce with neighboring individuals.

The giraffe: the slower

The giraffe has a period of ovulation only every two years which causes often violent fights between males who are desperate to seduce the beautiful ladies to reproduce. When you are told that what is rare is expensive...


Elephant: the last

The elephant must wait for half their life, around 25-30 years, to first couple.
In terms of the sexual act, it is fortunately much faster since it lasts 20 to 30 seconds allowing elephants to not suffer too much from the males weight.

Bonobo: the more hedonistic

This is the only animal (except humans) who also makes love for pure pleasure. For this monkey, mates are not necessarily synonymous with reproduction, but it allows for example to calm aggressive individuals!


The Australian sparrow: the bravest

This little bird is more than determined in his quest for seduction. It will thus build a cabin (yes a real hut), which may be up to 1.60 m long and 1 m high, then decorate it with shiny objects to attract his muse. A real seducer this sparrow.

Source : ouestfrance

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