We all love the bundle of fluff that is a cat. We love them so much we even turn them into celebrities and social media stars. But one person has gone a step further and imagined a world where all animals (even objects) look like cats. Enter the world of Koty Vezde!

A world filled with cats

Russian creative mind and artist, Galina Bugaevskaya is obsessed with cats. She loves them so much she thought it would make for some cute entertainment amongst her friends to photoshop cat heads onto other animals. Even objects. The photoshopped images were a natural hit amongst her friends, so she created the Instagram page 'Koty Vezde' or 'Cats are Everywhere'.

A mere four weeks ago, Koty Vezde had a following of 2,000. Today, it boasts more than 30,700 followers.

As you'll see from some of our favourite photoshopped "canimals" (cat animals) below, some of these unique creatures are utterly adorable. Others are, well, less so. But still hilarious. And let's not forget some of the "cobjects" (cat objects)...

Koty Vezde: Cats are everywhere

Check out some of our favourites from the Koty Vezde Istagram page.

Meet the 'camster'

Say hello to the 'coat'

Introducing the 'meowse'

Discover the 'catchilla'

Here we have the 'bunnycat'

The happy feet of the 'purrnguin'

Such a snuggly 'Katala'

The adorable 'panda-cat'

We want a 'cathog'!

Welcoming the 'kitlet'

What a majestic 'ravencat'

Last but not least, who wants an ice-cat?

Which 'canimal' is your favorite?

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