Andree Cuzin walked into a pet shop to do some routine shopping four years ago and met a parrot that changed her life!

Meeting Ramses 

While Andree was in the shop, a beautiful grey Gabon parrot landed on her shoulder and didn’t want to leave. She is a regular customer at this shop and every time she came in, Ramses would not leave her alone.

Andree realised that the parrot was in love with her and she was determined to buy him. Ramses cost her a staggering €1, 500, but she believes it was worth it!

Ramses Goes Missing

Ramses was obsessed with his owner, he never left her shoulder and even went with her to work and drove with her in the car. He knew all the names of her cats and even slept in her bed at night.

Unfortunately about two years later, Ramses went for a walk in the garden and never returned. Andree became depressed as she missed him so much.

Will Ramses return? We'd like to hear from you!

Source & Photo: The Progress

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