You can’t deny it - these gorgeous pictures of rats cuddling teddy bears is enough to melt any heart.

Rats cuddling teddy bears: where it all began

They might have surfaced 10 years ago, but we here at Yummypets can’t help but re-share these adorable pictures of rats hugging miniature teddies. After all, 10 years makes it a perfect anniversary post!

The story goes something like this. Two women (one from Great Britain, the other from The Netherlands) began taking photos of their pet rats with miniature teddies. Whose came first? We’re not entirely sure, but we’re also not that fussed given the cuteness factor being shared.

Great Britain’s Jessica Florence released her images of her three pet rats Bug, Duck, and Worm via photo and video sharing platform Flickr. This was in late 2007. At the same time, Dutch born Ellen van Deelan also started publishing and selling adorable images of her pet rats Moppy, Witje, and Rosie on Redbubble.

The response was so enormous, a slew of other pictures of rats cuddling teddy bears began making their way online.

There’s no denying how cute these images are. And we’re more than ready, and happy, for a repeat of 10 years ago if anyone so pleases!

Photos by Jessica Florence

Photos by Ellen van Deelan

Source: Bored Panda

Image credits: Jessica Florence and Ellen van Deelan

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